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We've expanded our mission to respond to the global Coronavirus outbreak. Learn more about our 60 minute portable testing kit and our Mobile Lab below.

Capture Collective expanded our mission to
respond to the global Coronavirus outbreak.

We believe true safety and stability will be realized in part through the highest quality of molecular PCR testing, and have been working to increase these testing options on the market. We have collaborated with various partners, research institutions, and clinical laboratories to develop optimized clinical protocols and fully integrated rapid COVID-19 testing solutions to safely manage populations. Our goal was to increase testing capacity while reducing infection rates to help safeguard those most at risk.

We offer the below molecular PCR point of care
and high-volume mobile lab testing options today!

Point of Care Molecular PCR

Portable real-time RT-PCR
COVID-19 test kit

• 9 test results in 60 minutes!

• Field deployable with ruggedized cloud-based
smartphone reporting.

• Test anywhere, anytime, without the need to
send samples back to a laboratory


High Volume Mobile Lab

A complete turn-key solution for high-volume COVID-19 testing

• Testing when and where you need it with same
day answers on-site!

• Test up to 10,000 people per site per day.

• Accurate and rapid results allowing you to
prioritize medical care for those in need.



Meet Capture

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Capture Collective was born out of the world-renowned Department of Radiation Oncology at The Ohio State University. Inventor Dr. Jacob and The Ohio State University, teamed up with Ikove Capital, to bring innovative biodosimetry solutions to the market.

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​Capture Collective’s mission is to maximize the safety and security of global citizens in the face of viral pandemic and radiological threats. We enable first responders and government agencies to make rapid and accurate decisions necessary to save lives.

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Capture has developed technology for a minimally invasive rapid-response testing kit for emergency and first responders (both Civilian and Government) to triage radiation exposure in the event of nuclear leakage or hostile events. This groundbreaking innovation allows for the early detection of radiation toxicity via a rapid, affordable, highly-sensitive, simple blood test.

The patented technology was developed in partnership with The James Cancer Research Institute and the Wexner Medical Center, with millions in funding from the Department of Defense (DoD), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), NASA, and BARDA.


How it works




30 minutes for Triage
1-2 hours for accurate dose

High sensitivity
(+/- 0.5 gy in 1 hour)

Minimally invasive
Finger stick 1-2 drops of blood

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Research Funding

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Our Team

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Naduparambil K. Jacob

Ph.D. - Founder &

Chief Scientist

Scott Barnes

Founder & Managing Director

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John D'Orazio  

Founder & CEO

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Mario Morales

Director of Operations

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A member of the OSUCCC – James Translational Therapeutic Program, Dr. Jacob is the co-inventor of two U.S. patents related to miRNA biomarkers for radiation biodosimetry and for monitoring bone-marrow reconstitution. His laboratory has received independent research funding from NIH, DOD and NASA. His research seeks to develop non-invasive blood/urine-based biodosimetry and therapeutic strategies for timeline intervention prior to expression of disease. His work also explores the development of novel/improved strategies for radiosensitization of cancer cells in an effort to protect normal cells and achieve a better therapeutic ratio. He has helped develop and test several small molecules that inhibit surviving protein functions in the chromosomal passenger complex and its association with Aurora-B kinase, and he is testing the efficacy of these agents. Dr. Jacob has co-authored more than 25 articles appearing in well-known science journals such as Molecular Cell, Cancer Research, Radiation Research and Molecular Biology of the Cell. He has also shared his research in international presentations, including one at the Nuclear Medical Defense Conference in Munich.

Scott is an Entrepreneur in Residence working with Ikove as a Venture Developer. Prior to Ikove, Scott was General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Bertec (Biomechanics Research Instrumentation, & Balance/Vestibular Rehabilitation). Scott has also served several venture backed, high growth companies in executive and key technology roles in the fields of Surgical Simulation, Cyber Security, IT Systems Management, and Engineering Document Management. He received his BS and MS in Mechanical and Engineering Mechanics respectively and did his research work in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Haptics, all at The Ohio State University.

John is a Co-founder of Ikove, powering commercialization efforts at leading research institutions. Additionally, John is a Founder at Proton Enterprises, a venture development firm focused on disruptive technologies to empower entrepreneurship. John is an International Business Innovation Certified Incubator Manager, bringing a hands-on owner/operator mentality to his work, having been a co-founder of 10+ businesses. He has invested/advised over 50 technology companies and is actively involved as a board member at Nikola Labs, CWD, Cognovi Labs, eLum Technologies, ParaGen Technologies, and LEVE foundation. John graduated cum laude from Xavier University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. In 2016, John was awarded the Xavier University Magis Award, recognized as an alumnus who, within 15 years of graduation, has achieved a high degree of excellence and embodies Jesuit morals and ethical values.

Mario is the Director of Operations with Capture Collective, Inc.  He spent the past ten years serving as a Signal Officer in the US Army, where he specialized in IT infrastructure, operational planning, and project management.  Some of his assignments include working in the Special Operations community, providing logistics support across Afghanistan, and commanding a Recruiting Company in Southeastern Ohio.  He holds an MA in Forensic Psychology from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology and a BA in Psychology from San Jose State University.

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Ikove is a venture development company founded to pursue early-stage investments with an emphasis on technology commercialization in the Midwest. Ikove believes in unlocking the potential of technology commercialization, bringing to life disruptive technology that deserves to be shared with humanity. Ikove has founded 16 disruptive tech companies, brought 60+ IP out of research laboratories, and raised over $150MM for the portfolio, creating $250MM+ in equity value since 2015.

A team of radiological SME’s consisting of Health Physicists and experienced industry technicians who are available to support radiation safety programs at every level, whenever and wherever they are needed. Whether you need expert advice or require reliable assistance with your systems, audits, inspections or license, the Qal-Tek team of experts in regulation, operation and licensing can help.

John Mock

Senior Progam Manager

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Melanie is a scientific project manager with experience in microbiology, field trials, laboratory coordination, and quality control.  She has worked for Battelle Memorial Institute, where she supported numerous laboratory and field trials and worked in the BSL-2 and BSL-3 labs, and the Clinical Manufacturing Facility at Nationwide Children's Hospital, where she worked as a quality control project coordinator, directly facilitating client and vendor interactions.  Melanie is trained in ISO-9001, GMP, and GLP Quality Systems in addition to her laboratory background. She has participated in the RADX shark tank evaluation of COVID diagnostics from small companies intended to serve as a technology incubator, with her particular focus on project management as well as providing quality and regulatory support.  She has a BS in Biology from Eastern Kentucky University.

John is the Senior Progam Manager with Capture Collective, Inc. He retired from the US Army in 2018, having served as a non-commissioned and commissioned officer specializing in reconnaissance and surveillance operations. His assignments include working with US Special Operations; training, advising, and assisting allied foreign forces; and working as a program manager for various Department of the Army initiatives. He graduated with an MA in Business from Liberty University and a BA in Philosophy from Geneva College.


Scientific Project Manager

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