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Agile diagnostic solutions for complex crises

Our mission is to create innovative

and agile solutions for times of crisis.

With the goal of maximizing safety and security for communities, Capture has worked to increase testing options for COVID-19. With the help of our partners, we have developed custom fully integrated COVID-19 testing solutions to safely manage populations.

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30 minutes for Triage
1-2 hours for accurate dose


High sensitivity
(+/- 0.5 gy in 1 hour)


Minimally invasive
Finger stick 1-2 drops
of blood


How it works

A collaboration of physiological, biochemical and molecular techniques used to analyze biological indicators, and determine the amount of radiation exposure for an individual.

Our Values:


Ultimately, the community is the foundation of Capture’s charter; to educate, protect and safeguard people around the world through emergency preparedness.


Capture serves to be the light in an opaque and complex industry. Leading with transparency, Capture equips its partners with the tools needed to serve and educate their community about emerging and existing crises.


When developing solutions for scale, quality and accuracy are upheld at the highest level. As an output of our focus on supporting the community, we act decisively in order to deliver meaningful impact.

Where We Started


With the help of Ohio State University’s Department of Radiation Oncology and Ikove Capital, Capture created leading-edge biodosimetry solutions.

Meet Capture



To combat emerging nuclear leakage and other hostile events, like the COVID-19 pandemic, Capture has developed a minimally invasive, rapid-results testing kit for emergency and first responders to triage exposure.

Responding To Crisis


We expanded our radiation testing technology to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and currently offer Molecular PCR Testing through portable testing kits, mobile labs, and brick and mortar lab facilities.

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Capture COVID-19 Solutions

COVID-19 PCR Testing Kits
Portable real-time RT-PCR COVID-19 test kit

• 9 test results in 60 minutes!

• Field deployable with cloud-based smartphone reporting

• Test anywhere, anytime, without the need to send samples back to a laboratory

COVID-19 Mobile Laboratory

High-Volume COVID-19 Testing Lab

• Testing when and where you need it with same-day answers on-site!

• Test up to 10,000 people per site per day.

• Accurate and rapid results allowing you to prioritize medical care for those in need.


In March 2020, Capture expanded their mission to respond to the global coronavirus outbreak and developed optimized protocols, testing solutions, and technology to address critical pandemic needs. Capture delivers customized, scalable, quality testing, vaccine verification, and technology solutions to safeguard communities and manage a crisis. Capture is a trusted emergency preparedness partner helping to navigate the complexities of COVID-19, and has a proven track record serving Fortune 100 companies, Government Agencies, States, Cities, non-profits, and international organizations.

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