Naduparambil K. Jacob
Ph.D. - Founder & Chief Scientist

A member of the OSUCCC – James Translational Therapeutic Program, Dr. Jacob is the co-inventor of two U.S. patents related to miRNA biomarkers for radiation biodosimetry and for monitoring bone-marrow reconstitution. His laboratory has received independent research funding from NIH, DOD and NASA. His research seeks to develop non-invasive blood/urine-based biodosimetry and therapeutic strategies for timeline intervention prior to expression of disease. His work also explores the development of novel/improved strategies for radiosensitization of cancer cells in an effort to protect normal cells and achieve a better therapeutic ratio. He has helped develop and test several small molecules that inhibit surviving protein functions in the chromosomal passenger complex and its association with Aurora-B kinase, and he is testing the efficacy of these agents. Dr. Jacob has co-authored more than 25 articles appearing in well-known science journals such as Molecular Cell, Cancer Research, Radiation Research and Molecular Biology of the Cell. He has also shared his research in international presentations, including one at the Nuclear Medical Defense Conference in Munich.